CBD – Cannabidiol

What is CBD? Cannabidiol

What is CBD? Cannabidiol

So, what is CBD, does it get you just a little bit high? Not really. CBD is extracted from the same marijuana plant that THC comes from, but the CBD is separated from the THC during the extraction process. This produces the desired product that doesn’t create the traditional euphoric feels that come from THC. Instead, users report feelings of calm, happiness, and reduced stress.

This is a cannabis product that everyone seems to be interested in. You can get it in drinks, gummies, tinctures, oils, almost any way you can think of consuming a product…you can consume CBD.

CBD is used for a variety of ailments. Popularly it is used to help fall asleep, light aches and pains, and anxiety. This is what makes cannabidiol the second most commonly used and produced cannabinoid in Canada. Gummies, edibles, and oils seem to be market leaders in consumables, but we expect to see this change with pen and vape technology advancements.

Fun Fact:
CBD is gaining popularity in treatments by Veterinarians. Yup, that’s right. Dogs and kittens across Canada are regularly being prescribed CBD oils and supplements. They’re taking this relaxing medicinal herb for many of the same reasons as us humans, such as to help with joint aches and anxiety.


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