Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears RSO Rick Simpson Oil

What are Phoenix Tears or Rick Simpson Oil?

RSO also known as Phoenix Tears is the essential oil from marijuana. It’s created by heating the cannabis plant with an alcohol solvent like ever clear or isopropyl. The medicinal properties are drawn out of the plant leaving behind a tar-like liquid after the solvent completely evaporates.

A man named Rick Simpson treated his skin cancer using his homemade remedy made from marijuana. This cannabis extract is most commonly used by medical marijuana patients, especially for those with cancer or seizure disorders like epilepsy. To this day, Rick continues to use cannabis oils to help others with their medical conditions

You don’t need to dab or smoke RSO. This extract can be used orally or applied to the skin. Just simply squirt a tiny amount into your mouth with an oral syringe or place a little drop on a toothpick. You can place it under your tongue for faster absorption.  Ingestible oils act like edibles, they take effect much slower than smoking and last longer due to the way they’re metabolized. If you’re interested in a smoke-free way to get your medicine this is a great option. Some are high in THC while others only contain non-psychoactive Cannabinoids like CBD.


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