Rosin Concentrate

Rosin Concentrate Kamloops

What Is Rosin Concentrate?

Rosin is a form of cannabis concentrates — also commonly referred to as dabs. Rosin usually has a light yellow or cream color. 

Rosin Concentrate is made by using heat and pressure to form a sticky, translucent goo. Basically, you take some bud and place it in some parchment paper while applying heat and pressure to extract the resin glands from the plant. You’re left with a delicious dabbable concentrate on your parchment paper. The main difference between rosin and other marijuana concentrates, such as Budder, BHO Butane Hash Oil, Crumble & Honeycomb, Hash, Live Resin, Phoenix Tears, and Shatter is the fact that the entire process is solventless. Rosin only uses heat and pressure in the manufacturing process.

It can be easy to overdo it with concentrates & extracts, so beginners should always follow the age old rule of “start low, and go slow.” 


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