What is a Cannabinoid?

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds in marijuana that come from the tiny crystals on cannabis flower. Did you know there are more than 100 cannabinoids that have been identified in the marijuana plant. The the most popular chemical compounds is THC. It’s known for its psychoactive and pain-killing effects. Another is CBD which offers the most health benefits without getting you high. This can be great for medical marijuana users as the effects on your mood and perception are minimal. 

Here’s a list of a few other Cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant.

 list of a few other Cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant

CBN – Cannabinol

CBN is a less-intoxicating compound found in older buds because it is actually created when THC ages.  Particularly cannabis that has been exposed to lots of oxygen. Cannabinol is created from THC when it is oxidized. It’s mildly psychoactive, but it doesn’t produce a high like THC. While this might be a turn-off for some smokers, others seek out older cannabis just to enjoy the effects of CBN.

THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol

Tetrahydrocannabinol or its most commonly referred to as THC, is the chemical responsible for most of cannabis’s psychological effects. THC stimulates cells in the brain to release dopamine, creating euphoria. The effects on the body can vary from person to person. People may experience an altered perception of time, feelings of relaxation, heightened sensory perception and increased appetite. THC may also cause negative affects such as anxiety, memory problems, hallucinations, or delusions in some cases.

THCV – Tetrahydrocannabivarin

THCV is similar to THC in its molecular structure and psychoactive properties but provides a variety of different effects. Its a psychoactive cannabinoid found mostly in Sativa strains of cannabis. It’s known to produce a more energetic feeling of euphoria.  For this reason, cannabis users often choose sativa stains for daytime use or any type of activity where functionality is important. Unlike THC, THCV works to suppress your appetite.

CBG – Cannabigerol

CBG is found in smaller quantities than other cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. Most strains contain about 1% of this Cannabinoid. Some strains like Super Glue CBG, White CBG, and Jack Frost CBG have higher amounts of Cannabigerol. CBG shares many similarities with CBD. For example it is used to combat pain without having the same intoxicating effect of THC.

CBC – Cannabichromene

Another non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Despite being one of the most prominent cannabinoids in cannabis, CBC does not get the attention that it deserves. CBC holds vast potential for the therapeutic use.

CBD – Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol or more commonly known as CBD, is the second most prevalent active Cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana. CBD by itself does not cause a “high” but does have many potential medical qualities. CBD may help with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and arthritis. CBD comes in a variety of forms, including oils, extracts, capsules, patches, candy, vapes, and creams for use on skin and even a bath bombs. CBD may prove to be a helpful, and a relatively non-toxic option for managing anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain but more studies need to be done.

THC vs CBD Cannabinoids


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